About Us
Repairs are what we’re about
It’s what we think about all the time. If there’s a faster and more cost efficient way we can provide the same service to our customers without compromising on quality we’re already on to it. There’s nothing we don’t dare fix as long as we know how to. You’ll be surprised time and time again by the miracles we can work.
Why The Repair Pad?
The idea initially sparked over an order of burgers and fries by two like-minded mobile repairers who wanted to be different in every way possible to the rest.

We wanted the repair experience to not just be about the repair but the experience itself. From the start to finish The Repair Pad was meant be a place that anybody could feel comfortable in. The shop layout and décor should be inviting and modern and not give people the idea of an old rusty workshop that due to close up at any minute.

We’re still working towards that dream every day.

The Team
Director / Head Technician
Repairing devices has been a long time passion for Ben. He has worked across multiple well known repairers in wide ranging conditions not just in Australia but also in Hong Kong and China. He has developed his skills beyond basic repairs to encompass repairs at a motherboard level. This wide range of knowledge allows Ben to give customers the ability to make informed repair decisions.