How can a Water-Damaged iPhone be Repaired

How can a Water-Damaged iPhone be Repaired?

One of the most frustrating incidents that affect the functionality of iPhones is water damage. Well, it may be the most frustrating of issues, because of its freakish character, for in most cases, water damage occurs due to freak accidents. But unfortunately, it is a pretty common affair as well. Thus, when that happens you need to get your iPhone to the nearest iPhone repair store in Sydney or elsewhere, wherever you stay.

Here are some words of caution for you. When it comes to amending the damage caused by water or any other liquid, there are specific ways to follow and specific tools to use. Thus, you must not try things yourself, for in your efforts to dry your gadget you might cause irreparable damage to your phone.

But what exactly do the professionals do? Here is a step by step account that they take.

  • At first, if the phone is ON, the pros will turn it OFF. But we would suggest the users do it, as soon as there is water damage. Remember, water and electricity is not the best of friends and you will surely not let the two meet. So keeping them apart immediately after the water damage is the safest step for you to take, instantly. AND REMEMBER, DO NOT TURN IT ON!!
  • When you take the phone to a technician, the professional will take off the case if the phone has one, and then they will remove the SIM card.
  • Next, they will dry the phone’s inner components very cautiously and shake off the excess water very carefully. Now this is an intricate process and it must be seen that the process is carried out in a very intricate way, so much so that no damage is inflicted to the circuitry.
  • Now, the professionals carrying out iPhone water damage repairs in Sydney would place your phone in a bag of silica gel beads, which will absorb the remaining moisture, thus drying out the circuitry.

This is the way the professionals would dry out the iPhone and help it get rid of the moisture.

What happens when water gets in your iPhone?

When the water gets inside a smartphone, even in the tiniest amount, it results in buildup of corrosion and that happens pretty quickly. In fact, there have been instances when phones are covered with corrosion within 24 hours of the phone’s exposure to water.

This is where the intervention of the professionals like us will make the difference. The process we follow will clean any kind of corrosion or grease or oil that might have accumulated all over the circuitry, following the gadget’s exposure to water. When a proper procedure is not followed to dry things up, the phone may work after the liquid dries out, but it may keep on losing one feature after another during the days or weeks following the exposure. Corrosion grows and behaves like rust and it spreads slowly at times, and at times, it spreads rapidly.

Thus you see, it is very important to bring your water-damaged phone to us at The Repair Pad for methodical damage control. Call us at 0433140410 for an appointment.