iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement in Randwick, Sydney

Suffering from battery related issues but aren’t sure if the battery actually needs replacing? Bring your device in for a free diagnosis and repair quote. Typical battery related issues include:
  • Not turning on
  • Not charging
  • Draining quickly
  • Slow charging
  • Sudden restarts
  • Sudden shut downs
  • Jumping battery life percentage
  • Battery life percent stuck

Battery life and performance can be affected by many different variables. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan which means that eventually they’ll need to be replaced. This limited lifespan depends on how each device is being used.

For a look into how your current battery is performing we can access tools inside an iPhone that give us an idea as to how well it’s performing. This information can be found inside Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health.

Apple recommends replacing batteries that are reach 80% or lower. Battery Replacements are a same day service at The Repair Pad and are generally completed within 30 minutes.

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