Samsung Screen Repair Near Randwick

Should You Repair Your Damaged Samsung Phone or Go for a Replacement?

People with faulty Samsung phones are always in a dilemma about whether to repair the phone or opt for a replacement. Now, this is something that they have to sort out. There are quite some factors to take into account before coming to a concrete decision. Let us discuss the issue in this write up.

Samsung phones are known for their high-quality performance. There is no doubt about it. However, the screen and various other parts of the phone are pretty fragile and can very well be damaged when the phone is dropped or suffers a blow. The screen and the parts also get damaged when they come in contact with water or other damage. Now when that happens, people are caught in two minds — whether to repair the phone or to go for an entirely new one. Experts would, however, prefer repairs, provided the phone is not irreparably damaged. There are a number of reasons.

  • Repair is Economically More Viable

Costs of repairs are of course less expensive than the cost of a new phone unless of course, every spare part of the phone has to be changed. Take, for instance, the replacement of the screen. You cannot opt for a new phone, simply because the screen of your existing one is cracked or has gone unresponsive. Instead of paying for an entirely new phone, just having the screen replaced by a Samsung screen repair service provider in Sydney will serve your purpose. That will be more economically viable than even purchasing a phone on an EMI scheme.

  • Repair Helps You to Reap the Maximum Value of the Phone

Let us take into account a hypothetical scenario. Let us assume that you have a one-year-old phone and you have broken it and you had to purchase a new phone. In this case, if you think you are getting maximum ROI for the purchase, you are wrong. You are not getting the maximum benefit out of it. it is the manufacturer who has benefited as Samsung could see two, instead of one unit to you, because of your decision to purchase a new phone. Thus, in this case, you need to opt for the other route — repairing the phone. When you opt for repair, it gives you the chance to use it further, after the required repairs and enjoy the fullest ROI out of it, by being able to use the phone till the phone lives its full life.

  • Repair Helps to Utilise the Warranty

In case your phone is damaged with the warranty still being valid, not going for a repair is a blunder. You can actually have the phone fixed free of cost. However, there is a catch. Warranties generally do not cover accidental damages. That means, if you drop the phone and crack the screen, you will not get the money for replacing the screen back. But then again, if you put your stakes in a quality company that offers Samsung screen repair near Randwick you can be sure that you do not have to spend much for that.

Thus you see, going for phone repair instead of opting for a new phone is always a much wiser decision. The best name to opt for a Samsung phone repair is The Repair Pad. Call us at 0433140410 to book a service call.