iPhone Charging Issues Repair Sydney

What are the Signs and Symptoms of iPhone Charging Issues?

iPhones are excellent devices — to say the least, but only when they function flawlessly. At times, they develop snags, and when they do they leave the users frustrated and looking for the best iPhone repair stores near their location. Of all the issues that intimidate the iPhone users, the charging issue is the most frustrating and freakish one, for that indicates, that there is nothing wrong with the phone — it’s only a malfunctioning charging port that is posing all the issues. Thus, they need to look for an iPhone repairing specialist. If you are in Sydney, the best place for you to visit is The Repair Pad. With the best technicians at our disposal, we are one of the most trustworthy names, offering same day repair of iPhone charging issues in Sydney.

Now the fact is that there are certain telltale signs that will tell you that something is wrong with the charging port of your iPhone.

iPhone Charging Port Repair Quote Randwick
iPhone Charging Port Repair Quote Randwick

The device will take ages to get charged

This is one of the most common signs of a malfunctioning charging port in the iPhone. You will find that your device is taking excessively long to get charged, even though you either have a healthy battery or a brand new one. This means the charging port has to be repaired or replaced immediately. Generally, this is an hour-long repair for a trained trainee provided your device does not have any underlying issue. Just get your device to our experts and we will repair or replace the port in a jiffy.

The port is visibly damaged or a spoke is bent or broken

You will find that the port is damaged or one or multiple spokes that the port contains are either bent or broken. Now when this happens, the port has to be replaced immediately and that’s pretty understandable.

Brown Precipitate accumulates around the port

There are times when you will find that a brown precipitate has accumulated around the charging port. This indicates that the charging port of your device has depreciated and needs to be repaired and replaced.

Now the question is, where should you get your device? You will find a number of names offering iPhone charging Issues repair service in Sydney, but you must get your device to the one that will have the faulty port replaced by its genuine counterpart, so that there is no functionality issue.


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