iPhone Water Damage Repairs

What Does It Take to Repair an iPhone Damaged by Water?

You might experience several issues if water seeps into your iPhone but these problems can be fixed by professionals. Anyway, here we will discuss some of the issues caused by water and how you can try a fix. We will also discuss how the technicians in Sydney will repair the problems in your iPhone caused by water.

Let Your iPhone Dry

If you have dropped your device in water, before you can take it to a professional providing iPhone water damage repairs in Sydney, you will need to let it air dry for at least 48 to 72 hours. Also, you should use an absorbent towel to wipe off the water from the surface and the charging port, headphone jack and SIM card tray. But before you do any of these, switch off the device to prevent a short circuit and take the case off so that water does not get trapped inside.

Component Replacement

After your iPhone is fully dry, you should try to switch it back on. Now, if you see that it is not turning on, expect component damages inside which can only be repaired by technicians.

The professional will disassemble your device and check for short-circuits or corroded internal compounds. Then, they will replace them and assemble all components again to make your iPhone functional.

iPhone Not Charging

This is another problem that you might face after dropping the device in water.

This is typical water damage and occurs when water enters the device through the charging port. Quite naturally, the components inside become corroded when they come in contact with water.

Some of the components in the iPhone that immediately get damaged when they come inside are the battery and the charging port itself. The latter might get short-circuited and if this is the issue, the technician carrying out the repairing of water damaged iPhone in Sydney will replace it along with the battery.

Fixing Screen Problems

Along with many other components, water can damage the screen of your iPhone as well leaving dark spots underneath the display.

So, to avoid this, you should switch off your device after taking it out of the water as guided a while ago and then let it dry for 2 to 3 days. Then, restart it and see if it’s working fine. Otherwise, you will need to take it to a professional for repairs.

If the technician diagnoses that the screen is damaged along with other components, replacing them will be the only option left.

Malfunctioning Speakers

Another sign of iPhone damage is if the speakers stop working after you dropped the device in water. However, in this scenario, you should dry it first and then see if the speakers work again since the damage can be temporary. But if you find no luck, you need to repair your iPhone near Sydney.

For that, connect with a reputed technician since he will be able to fix the problems fast.

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