iPhone Battery Replacement Near Randwick

When will You Know It’s Time to Replace Your iPhone Battery?

Nothing lasts forever on this planet — not even the batteries of your iPhone. They are built to last long, but not forever. That is the reason, a time comes when the battery of your iPhone nears its life. And when it does so, it starts returning a series of unmistakable signs that you need to read and replace it with a new one.

But what are those signs? Here on this page, we will have a look at them.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Randwick
iPhone Battery Replacement Near Randwick

The battery outgrows the size of your phone:

At times you will find that the belly of the iPhone is getting inflated. This the curious case of the battery of your iPhone outgrowing the size of its case. Yes, this is one of the things that very frequently happen when the battery of your mobile nears its life cycle. It’s no different in the case of your iPhone. The battery of your iPhone will outgrow the size of its case when it nears the end of its life.

The iPhone keeps on shutting down unexpectedly

This is another symptom that tells that the battery of your iPhone has neared the end of its life. You will find that your iPhone is suddenly shutting down without any reason, even though there is nothing wrong with the charge of the battery. What this happens, it must be that the battery of your iPhone has reached the fat end of its life and you start looking for a name for an iPhone battery replacement near Randwick or elsewhere, wherever you stay.

Sluggishness in case of iPhone 6 or higher models

In certain cases, different models of iPhone have been found to react differently, when it is time to change their battery. For instance, if you have been using iPhone 6 or higher models, they seem to turn sluggish and slow when their batteries are about to burn out.

Your iPhone will work only when being charged

Well, this is yet another telltale sign that says your iPhone battery is about to die. You will find that you can operate your iPhone only and only if and when it is connected to its charger and it’s being charged. The moment the iPhone has not plugged anymore, it stops working.

Your iPhone gets hot — literally

Well, if you continue working with your iPhone for long, watch a movie, play a game or if you are in a long talk with someone, that will make your iPhone hot — but that’s understandable. However, at times you will find that your iPhone gets too hot and that also in the literal sense. Now, this is unnatural and is a major indication that the battery is almost done with. It is the battery after all, which turns hot and radiate that heat to the entire phone.

Your iPhone starts getting frozen

This is another very common symptom of an iPhone with a dying battery. You will find that the phone will start getting frozen in the middle of games and movies and only after you reboot it, you are able to operate it. Even reboot takes a lot in this case.

Thus, you see, when it’s time for you to go for replacement of the battery of your iPhone it will come up with some obvious signs. You need to ensure you do not miss out on those signs and take timely action. What better name can you get to, than The Repair Pad for that? Call us at 0433140410 to book an appointment.